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YGG is a young and fast-growing producer of balance weights.We take every customer’s order seriously and produce it with great care. Although don’t have any big-name clients endorsing us, our wheel weights have been exported to 20 countries and regions with ZERO complaints.

Save $8000 on buying a 20' container of adh wheel weights from June 2023!

On July 6th, the exchange rate of RMB to USD reached 7.2359, which is much higher than the settlement exchange rate of 6.43 in April 2023. Although it fluctuated around 6.8, for those of us engaged in export trade, this means that the prices of exported goods will be lower. Take our wheel balance weights as an example, the price has dropped from 7 USD per box at the beginning of the year to 5 USD now. All of our products use domestically produced raw materials, but some customers request imported materials such as 3M tape, Lohmann tape, Norton tape, etc., which actually increases the price because the price of imported materials rises with the exchange rate.

With the instability of the international economic situation, consumer downgrading has become a trend. Therefore, the popular black adhesive weights are more welcomed by customers, and they are more willing to purchase black galvanized ones instead of black spray-painted ones. Compared with black powder painted weights, black galvanized ones are more reasonably priced. With a package of 100 bars per box, each box is 2 USD cheaper. Purchasing a 20-foot container of balance blocks can save 8,000 USD. In addition, according to Goole Trend black matte galvanized counterweights are also one of the products favored by foreign customers.

Top-selling YGG Wheel Weights

An increasing number of markets are prohibiting the use of lead counterweights, and the price of zinc clip-on weights has remained consistently high. Consequently, customers worldwide are turning to steel hammer weights. In the US market, Type P and MC are becoming increasingly popular, while in the European market, hammer weights have gained recognition among local customers. Customers in the Dutch market report high demand for clip-on weights.

Many customers in the US market prefer black powder-coated ADH weights. However, the most widely exported ones remain the electroplated FE ADH weights. Strong adhesion PU or paper tape are both available.

Clip-on or Stick on? How to choose?

Choosing Between Clip-On and Stick-On Wheel Weights.

While both types of weights serve the same fundamental purpose, your choice between clip-on and stick-on weights depends on several factors:


Wheel Type: If your wheels have a distinct lip or edge, clip-on weights may be the suitable choice. However, for modern, stylized, or alloy wheels without a lip, stick-on weights would be the better option.
Aesthetic Preference: For those who prefer a clean, unobtrusive look, the less noticeable stick-on weights might be more appealing.
Driving Conditions: If you frequently drive in rough conditions, the durability of clip-on weights could offer a more reliable long-term solution.

At the end of the day, both clip-on and stick-on wheel balance weights play a vital role in ensuring a smooth, safe drive. Consult with a tire professional to understand which method would be best for your specific vehicle and driving habits.



YGG wheel weights history

RFQ Wheel Weights

The balance weight is divided into 3 kinds of materials :Steel(FE),Zinc(ZN),Lead(PB).

The Lead wheel weights have been banned in many countries .Please check this information before you buy.

1:choose by shape:

There are adhesive weights and clip on weights.

(adhesive weights is becoming more and more popular ,according to the customer’s buying quantity nearly 70% adhesive ,30% clip on .)

2:choose by mateirals:

  • Zinc is the most expensive
  • Lead is a little cheaper
  • Steel is the most competitive .


4 aspects determined the quality of the wheel weights you buy.

  • weight tolerance
  • tape strength
  • coating thickness
  • packing quality

We write it there because we found several customer’s third party testing company don’t know how to test the goods before delivery .Hope this information will be useful to you if you are a new buyer.

The Min quantity is 50,000,stirps .

It is negotiable for your trial order .

3600-4300 boxes can fullfill a full 20 or 40′ container .


300g knock on wheel balancing weights for truck

Why Choose YGG ADH Weights ?

1:Smaller weight tolerance,better weight fitment: YGG adhesive weights have a weight tolerance of 1 g to 1.5 g per strip, while the international standard for 60g ADH weights is 3g per strip.

2:Wider oversized liner for easier remove: Our company offers a wider edge length of 1.5-2 mm for easy tape removal, even while wearing gloves.

3:Paper tape with oversized liner for easy to tear.More environmentally friendly.But the same price with the PU tape.

4:Little effort, big savings: Our company offers a wider edge length of 1.5-2 mm without any extra charge, which can help customers be more competitive in their local markets.

5:High bonding PU or paper tape is exceptionally strong and provides a tight grip. Our tape has zero complaints of stickiness problems, and we invite customers to inspect their goods via WhatsApp before shipment to ensure quality.

6:YGG ADH weights, made of strong steel or lead, are great for balancing light wheels without anyone noticing.

We understand that poorly made balance weights can result in customer claims and loss of business. Therefore, we offer adhesive tape with a strength of 100N or more, which exceeds the maximum value of the testing instrument of 200N. While many international well-known large customers’ procurement contracts only require 80N, our tape fully meets this standard at a purchase price per ton lower than that of ordinary brand tape. We offer alternative products to save procurement costs and even send tape samples to customers for free. However, after testing, customers often prefer to purchase the high-quality tape they had before.

What do our customers say?

I know we have received 2 pallets of ADH from you, and they were of excellent quality! This is far greater order, what kind of guarantee can you give me that this shipment will be of the same quality? If all works ok next order will probably more than double also! Sorry for being so cautious! But I have been caught out with bad stick on weights in the past.
Ceo & Founder W Tire supply
I didn't expect to get such good quality ADH weights for this price. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your feedback. It's great to hear that you were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the balancing block. If you have any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to let me know. Is there anything else I can assist you with? Anyway, thanks again for the great product and for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it!
Buyer , AA Wheel

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