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About YGG Wheel Weights

I am writing an article to introduce our company, YGG, to potential clients. We are a startup company established on September 1, 2019, specializing in manufacturing automotive wheel balance weights.

Despite starting with a small manual workshop, we have exported our products to over 20 countries in just over three years. Although we have a 1500 square meter production workshop and three fully automatic production lines, we still retain skilled manual workers. For high-demand customer orders, we use manual operations, such as producing products for car manufacturers and some Japanese and German clients.

We are aware that there are many suppliers of similar products, not only from local suppliers, but also from suppliers in Vietnam, India, and other countries. However, our customers’ evaluations of us are genuine. They are surprised to find that our product quality is so high at this price. Several Customers have purchased low-quality adhesive weights before, so they are very careful when making their purchases. Every time they place an order, they want to confirm that the quality of the product is as good as the last time. One customer, who started purchasing from us in early 2020, began with only 500 boxes and then increased the order directly to 2,000 boxes, whole container. Thanks to the customer’s trust and continued purchases, we have never let him down. In addition, the customer has also started purchasing our steel clip-on weights for use in their market promotion. He told us that the steel clip weights is popular in his market.

I have been working in this industry for over 11 years, from February 2012 to 2023. In my experience, claiming to have the lowest price for the same quality balance weights is just a hype or joke.

Top balance weights manufacturers have strong funds, a steady stream of orders, and can purchase the most advanced fully automatic machines even with robot arms. They also have higher production efficiency and can procure the same quality of raw materials at a lower price due to the huge quantities they purchase. However, they have no interest to engage in a price war with small and medium-sized manufacturers. This is because they only provide OEM production for globally recognized big-name companies, and their large customer orders are usually on an annual basis, which is enough to saturate and even surpass their production capacity. Occasionally, they may take on a few customers for a year or so to increase their liquidity or to try new markets. These customers are usually required to pay higher prices and accept better payment terms. However, they may not receive enough attention and their orders may be postponed indefinitely during busy production periods, leaving them with no choice but to purchase products at higher prices locally or miss the sales season and even cause inventory problems. This practice is not new in the industry.

Of course, there are also some very smart similarly-sized small and medium-sized manufacturers who deliberately quote prices lower than the cost to win their customers’ first cooperation, and then raise prices later or reduce product quality in ways that customers may not know. These are things we cannot control. What’s worse we don’t have a smart head .All we can do is take every customer’s order seriously, ensure product quality, provide stable quality for customers, and return a reasonable profit. This way, we can purchase equipment, increase production capacity, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, provide faster delivery time, and offer more competitive prices than suppliers of the same size. Thus, we can grow together with our customers, become sincere and trustworthy long-term partners, and achieve win-win cooperation instead of blindly pursuing short-term benefits.

We believe that providing stable quality for customers is our top priority. Therefore, we take every order seriously and ensure its quality and stability. We will not ignore quality because of a small order quantity or reduce quality because of a large order quantity.

We sincerely invite you to try YGG wheel weights. We believe you will be satisfied with our quality and service. At the same time, we welcome your feedback and suggestions, which will be our motivation and source for continuous improvement.

Finally, let’s write an interesting summary. This summary is not important at all. If you are busy, please do not waste your time reading it. You can close this page and go to the product page.

Let me share my entrepreneurial story. Initially, I wanted to portray my company as one with a tall office building, equipped with industry-leading automatic equipment like the industry leader, a 5000 square meter modern workshop, high-end talent, and a supplier of top-quality tire repair products. However, dishonesty is easy to resort to and hard to maintain. Presenting oneself effectively requires a clever mind.

In the first year of my business, I remember a customer who wanted to purchase a whole 20‘container of steel adhesive weights. He came to the factory to confirm the order before placing it. At that time, I was very nervous because it was just a small workshop, with pure manual labor and not many decent equipment. I thought about whether I could rent a few good-looking devices from my peers to show off like others did. However, I had no contacts at that time, so I could only purchase a sofa and a water dispenser, at least making the office look better.

The customer still came on the scheduled date and eventually gave me the order. During the meeting, I told the customer that my startup company could only supply him with 4000 boxes adhesive weights a month. Although he visited nearly all balance weights factories in the area because I picked him up at the entrance of another top-ranked factory in the area, I am still not sure why he gave me this order. I do not think my price is the lowest or the quality is the best. I guess the customer thought my company was too small and gave me the order to help my company survive.

Whatever the customer’s original intention was, this order did give me great encouragement and made me more determined to run the company.

In the initial stage, I thought that with my 7 years of export experience in this industry, this business should be just a piece of cake for me,SO EASY! Actually, it’s not. Doing sales and running a company are not the same concept. They are similar yet different. Starting a company requires you to face many things that you cannot imagine, whether it is during the registration and establishment of the company or during the operation process. Some small things will make you want to pull out your hair. Haha,

I seem to have chosen the wrong time to start a company because since 2019, there has been an epidemic, and I have to be controlled by the epidemic from time to time. But it seems that I have chosen the right time because during 2019-2022, every company has returned to a starting point, and no one can go abroad to participate in exhibitions. This gives small companies an opportunity.

In 2019, self-built websites were very popular. To save money, I learned how to build the website myself, which took me about a month or two. Watching the course was easy, but solving a small problem could take an entire day. While I hesitated about spending money on Google ads, my company’s official website received inquiries from several professional customers, as well as some from social media and recommendations from friends and customers. Of course, orders recommended by friends and customers were the easiest to close, as trust is crucial in facilitating orders.

I would like to thank new and old customers for their repeated purchases and feedback on market information. I also want to thank my friends in the industry for their help and trust, which gave me the confidence to persevere on the entrepreneurial road. Sincerely, thank you.

I hope that more friends from all over the world will pay attention to my small company and our not-so-outstanding products. However, we treat every order seriously within our ability.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy but not professional company introduction. Finally, I would like to emphasize that all new customers can enjoy a surprise discount for their first three orders. Contact us and make your first move now. For those who have read this article to the end, we believe you deserve an even higher discount.

Written on March 16, 2023, by author ALICE LV.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Although I have been learning and using English for about 30 years, I am not a native speaker.

Aside from studying and preparing for exams, I only use English in my work. Unlike those very talented people who can fluently use multiple languages, I only speak Chinese. I once had a Polish client who could speak 5 languages fluently. To describe him in a Chinese proverb, he was “the child from another family.” Comparing myself to him made me feel ashamed. Therefore, if you find any grammatical or vocabulary errors in my articles, or something that sounds strange or even humorous in your native language, please let me know via email and I will correct it. Thank you! Also, if you need a balance weights, I will give you the best price I could offer.

Thank you, my friend on the other side of the screen. No matter which country or region you come from, or which time zone you are in. It is now 8:44 am on March 23rd in Beijing, China. I wish you good luck and a good mood on this new day.