China’s top 10 popular May Day holiday destinations 2024

China’s top 10 popular May Day holiday destinations China’s online travel agency, Ctrip, released its latest tourism report for the Chinese market, and said that the enthusiasm of travelers remains high during the May Day holiday, with the outbound and inbound travel bookings seeing an obvious growth. Unlike short-distance travel during the Qingming Festival, medium- […]

China to be guest of honor for Intl Kite Festival in Berck-sur-Mer in April

China will become the guest country of honor for the 37th International Kite Festival in Berck-sur-Mer from April 20 to 28. It’s the first time that the festival has introduced the concept of guest countries since its establishment in 1987. During the nine-day event, the China Cultural Center in Paris will join hands with Weifang […]

Explosive News! Rocket Delivery of Parcels No Longer a Dream? Taobao Partners with This Company for Experimental Testing.

Parcel delivery by rocket is no longer just a concept—it’s being explored as a reality, signaling a potential new era of rapid delivery methods in the logistics industry. Here are some key points about this technological exploration: Will rocket delivery have limited cargo capacity? Currently, the “Yuanxingzhe-1” validation rocket, which has been put into production, […]

A Guide to Working and Living in China as Business Expatriates (2024 Edition) . 

To facilitate foreign business expatriates working and living in China, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, in collaboration with relevant departments, has compiled A Guide to Working and Living in China as Business Expatriates (2024 Edition) . It includes four parts, Notes, Daily Life Services, Services for Stay and Residence in […]


种一棵树 最好的时间 是十年前 其次,是今天 所有的 枝繁叶茂 终源于 坚韧的初心 晓一叶之理, 种一树美好, 别着急 你的好运 正在萌芽 努力向下 扎根 就一定能换来 向上的生长 希望 是种下的 不是等来的 English Version Plant a tree The best time Was ten years ago Next best, is today All Of the lush branches Originate from A steadfast beginning Understanding the principle of one leaf, Plant a tree […]

“Did You Know? 47.3% of China’s Exports are Intermediate Goods!”

Despite complex world situations, China’s trade has shown strong toughness. In 2023, China exported InIntermediate Goods(parts and materials )worth over 11 trillion yuan(=1.57 trillion US dollars), almost half of its total exports. What is Intermediate Goods? Parts and materials are items used to make other things, like raw stuff, partly finished items, and pieces in […]

BYD has made another big move in 2024.

#BYD Launches Han and Tang Glory Edition Models, Targeting the Mid-to-High-End Market Following the launch of the Qin PLUS Glory Edition and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition models that brought plug-in hybrid models into the “7-series” era, BYD has made another big move. On February 28th, BYD officially launched the Han and Tang Glory Edition models, […]