How to export to Latin America Countries?2024

LATIN AMERICA: EXPORT OPPORTUNITIES The SME Guide to Latin America (拉丁美洲中小企业指南 拉丁美洲是一个拥有 6 亿人口、20 个国家的地区 首先,向拉丁美洲出口时,要考虑地理位置。如上所述,拉丁美洲国家有: 我还鼓励您将墨西哥和巴西视为两个独立的“地区”,因为它们的面积、人口和复杂性都很大。 所以,如果你拿一张地图,现在你应该有一些更清晰的划分: 南美洲也很大(巴西本身就有整个欧洲的大小!),所以让我们看看是否可以进一步细分。 如果您正在考虑向拉丁美洲出口,您很快就会发现现在东西方、大西洋和太平洋之间存在明显的划分。太平洋沿岸国家(特别是秘鲁、智利和哥伦比亚)总体上贸易更加开放,保护主义较少,因此与东非大西洋沿岸国家(如巴西、阿根廷、乌拉圭)相比,进口关税较低,进口限制也较少或巴拉圭。 这也会导致太平洋联盟(墨西哥、智利、哥伦比亚、秘鲁)和南方共同市场(巴西、乌拉圭、阿根廷、巴拉圭和目前暂停的委内瑞拉)之间的政治分歧更大。 划分南美洲,甚至整个拉丁美洲的另一种方法是按国家大小/人口(相对大小,请记住,即使是南美洲的小国家与欧洲国家相比也很大): 谈到购买力,我经常建议从这些国家的发展统计数据来看,特别是如果你从事消费品行业。但根据您的行业或部门,您可能需要对它们进行分组并根据市场潜力进行排名(例如,如果您销售适合温带气候的农业科技产品,则需要选择乌拉圭、阿根廷和智利等国家,如果您销售的是对于热带农业产品,您需要考虑其他国家,同样的情况也发生在采矿业和其他特定行业)。 看待拉丁美洲的最后一个但并非次要的方式是语言:请记住,巴西人讲葡萄牙语,其余地区讲西班牙语(除了一些讲法语的例外)。 重要的是要识别差异并将每个市场视为单独的市场。因为,正如我们常说的,拉丁美洲是一个地区,而不是一个国家。 Above all, enjoy your time doing business in Latin America. I might be biased being Latin American myself but I think this is an amazing continent to learn from. If […]

“First Day of Work in 2024: Let’s Work Together and Give It Our Best”

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New Year Holiday Notice 2024

Dear valued customers, We would like to inform you about our upcoming holiday arrangements. As the Spring Festival, the most significant festival in China, approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your continuous support and cooperation. Wishing you and your family a joyous Spring Festival filled with happiness and […]

The Rollercoaster Ride of the USD-CNY Exchange Rate in 2023! Who Predicted?

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No Title is the Best Title, I believe!

A: Is this the right YGG Wheel Weight official company website? Why I found some article is not related at all. B: Yes, you are 100% Right. This is YGG Wheel Weight Company’s official website. A: Are you Sure? You may have noticed that some of the articles may not seem to be related to […]

Dong Yu Hui and New Oriental

This is Top News nearly every day from Dec 2024. Many people are analyzing why this incident has attracted so much attention. There is a saying that I think makes sense: we have put ourselves into this story. Some feel sympathy for the experiences of Dongyu Hui, but more so, they lament their own experiences. […]

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“Snow Day Fun: The Cats of the Forbidden City Play in the Snow!”

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Belt and Road Initiative win-win for everyone

The Belt and Road initiative is a genius initiative that is a win-win for everyone, said Cedrus Group’s Chairman and Member of the Board Rani Jarkas. It’s the primary source of economic growth going forward for the next fifty years, which will benefit the whole world, Jarkas said. Please watch this video to find out […]

The most forwarded snow scene pictures of the Forbidden City in 2023

The first snow in Beijing ,2023 On the evening of December 10 and early morning of December 11, Beijing received its first heavy snowfall in 2023 due to the combined influence of southerly airflow and cold air. The snow started at 19:00 on the 10th and appeared from west to east. Share #snowpictures of the […]