Good news, we have now launched a 0.5oz steel stick-on weight with a Square angle.

There are two types of FE stick-on weights on the market, one with Round corners and one with SQUARE angles. Simply put, the one with Square angles is cheaper and the one with Round corners is more expensive. When the new Square tape weight was first introduced, customers always asked what the difference was between the two, why the Square was cheaper, and whether the quality was worse than the one with rounded corners.

What is Round Wheel Weights ?

What is the Square Wheel Weights?

What is the difference?

first let me show you a picture.

tire supply
tire supply

Of course not, their quality is exactly the same. There is only a difference in the production process. The right-angle weight is produced using Steel wire, which does not produce waste, while the rounded corner weight is produced using Steel sheets, which produce scraps.

Although our old customers in the US market accepted the samples of the right-angle weight when it was first promoted, they still preferred the consumption habits of the rounded corner weight. However, the right-angle weight was well-promoted in the European market because the local big brand Hofmann was already selling the Square stick-on weight at that time. Its Chinese factory is also producing a large quantity of these weights, and at the exhibition, I happened to see them promoting the square type stick-on weight to the exhibitors who manufacture tire equipment. I even saw a wheel balancer at the exhibition with square weights with the Venjong brand printed on the back of the tape.

This also led to the square weight being initially cheaper than the rounded corner weight, but it quickly became the same price as the rounded corner weight, and even for a period of time, the right-angle weight was more expensive than the rounded corner weight. Last year, an inquiry customer said that some markets prefer to buy rounded corner weights because they feel Round type fit better than Square weights. In fact, there is no factual basis for this, and our factory’s customers have not raised such questions. This should still be related to local consumption habits. Even rounded corner weights have undergone several style improvements, from the thicker ones ten years ago to the thinner ones now, and even trapezoidal and rectangular ones. But for trapezoidal ones, our factory only does OEM and requires pure manual sticking.

Hey there! So we kinda got sidetracked, but we just released our new 0.5 oz Square-angle adhesive balance weight. The cool thing is, it’s about CNY500 cheaper per ton compared to the round-angle ADH weight. That’s a price difference of 2.1 yuan per box, which means you’ll save 2,100 yuan if you buy 1,000 boxes. If we do the math based on today’s exchange rate of 7.16 USD to CNY, you’ll save $293 if you buy 1,000 boxes of the Square ADH weights instead of the round-edge ones. And if you buy an 20” FCL, you can save a whopping $1,179. Pretty sweet deal, right?

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