The high-speed railway between Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, jointly built by China and Indonesia, was officially put into operation last week. This is the first high-speed railway project China has independently completed overseas.

China also signed a contract with Serbia last week for exports of its high-speed trains. This is the first time China has exported bullet trains to Europe.

The European high-speed rail market has high standards. The deal marks an important step for China’s high-end equipment manufacturing to enter a broader market, and is also an important symbol of the international market’s recognition of China’s high-end manufacturing level.

As an important infrastructure project under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, it portends the broad perspective of Belt and Road cooperation. Despite the regional geopolitical tensions, as long as all parties adopt an open attitude, they will be able to continuously explore new space and find new opportunities for cooperation.

Many Belt and Road projects have markedly boosted the infrastructure in the host countries and regions, becoming effective support for balanced, coordinated and inclusive global development.

The tremendous Belt and Road cooperation achievements over the past decade should serve to further strengthen the confidence of more countries to promote cross-regional cooperation. They produce strong demonstration effects for the realization of global connectivity, instead of setting up barriers and obstacles to each other.

At present, the world is facing the pressure of a sluggish post-pandemic economic recovery. How to tide over the difficulties and find new impetus for economic growth is a common challenge for all countries. The open and cooperative attitude of jointly building the Belt and Road and the cooperation achievements that have been made under the Belt and Road framework should encourage the world to see new possibilities and paths for economic development.


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