#BYD Launches Han and Tang Glory Edition Models, with Price Cuts Up to 40,000 Yuan

On August 2, 2023, BYD officially launched the Han and Tang Glory Edition models, with the following price ranges:

  • Han EV Glory Edition: 179,800-249,800 yuan
  • Han DM-i Glory Edition: 169,800-225,800 yuan
  • 2024 Han DM-p War God Edition: 259,800 yuan
  • Tang DM-i Glory Edition: 179,800-219,800 yuan

In comparison, the price cuts for the Han and Tang Glory Edition models are up to 40,000 yuan:

  • Han EV Glory Edition: Price cuts of 10,000-40,000 yuan
  • Tang DM-i Glory Edition: Price cuts of up to 30,000 yuan

It is worth noting that the Han and Tang Glory Edition models have been significantly upgraded in terms of intelligence:

  • The Han #EV Glory Edition is equipped with the “Eye of the Sky” high-end intelligent driving system, making it the first BYD model to be equipped with the DiPilot 100 platform.
  • The platform features L2+ level intelligent driving assistance functions and supports NOA high-speed and urban expressway navigation and AVP valet parking functions.

BYD stated that the launch of the Han and Tang Glory Edition models aims to:

  • Further enrich the product portfolio
  • Enhance market competitiveness
  • Capture more market share

Industry insiders believe that:

  • The Han and Tang Glory Edition models, which target the mid-to-high-end market, are likely to bring new shocks to the domestic 200,000-yuan car market.
  • The previous launch of the BYD Qin PLUS and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition models has prompted automakers such as Nezha Automobile and Dongfeng Nissan to join a new round of price wars.

In the future, with the increasing competition in the new energy vehicle market, price wars may become the norm.

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