Despite complex world situations, China’s trade has shown strong toughness. In 2023, China exported InIntermediate Goods(parts and materials )worth over 11 trillion yuan(=1.57 trillion US dollars), almost half of its total exports.

parts ,intermediate
parts ,raw material

What is Intermediate Goods?

Parts and materials are items used to make other things, like raw stuff, partly finished items, and pieces in a production line. They are key for international industry and supply chain partnerships. For instance, cells used in lithium batteries and strips of coated copper used in solar panels are parts and materials.

In the year 2023, on the online platform, there was a big increase in opportunities for industries like machinery for making things, transportation, and clothing accessories. At the same time, there was a big rise in business chances from places like the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia.

raw materials ,parts ,intermediate exporter
raw materials ,parts ,intermediate exporter

“Intermediate goods” is the standard English term for “Zhong Jian Pin” and is commonly used in international trade and economics. However, there are alternative expressions that can be used to describe “intermediate goods”:

  • Components: These refer to the parts that make up a final product.
  • Inputs: These are the materials and resources used in the production process.
  • Semi-finished products: These are products that have undergone some stages of processing but are not yet complete.
  • Parts and accessories: These are the individual elements and additional items used to assemble or complete a product.
  • Raw materials: These are materials that have not been processed, although this term tends to lean more towards unprocessed materials.

Typically, “intermediate goods” is the most direct and commonly used term. However, if a more specific or context-dependent term is needed, one can choose the appropriate term from the above list based on the degree of processing and intended use of the product.

raw materials ,parts ,intermediate exporter
raw materials ,parts ,intermediate exporter

We produce small-size steel semi-finished parts too.

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