President Xi backs Italy's fight against COVID-19

President Xi backs Italy’s fight against COVID-19

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China firmly supports Italy’s efforts to fight the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and is fully confident that Italy will win the battle against the virus, President Xi Jinping said. He made the remark in a phone call with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday.

The Italian government has taken a series of resolute measures to prevent and control the epidemic, he said. Xi said that China feels Italy’s worry as its own and will send additional expert medical teams to Italy and provide assistance such as medical supplies within its ability.


“China stands ready to work with Italy to make contributions to international epidemic cooperation and the building of the Silk Road of Health”

China believes that the friendship and mutual trust between China and Italy will further deepen through joint efforts in combating the virus, thus creating broader prospects for all-around bilateral cooperation, Xi said.

Noting that both countries have experienced severe tests from the epidemic, Xi said that the situation in China is witnessing positive changes with important short-term progress achieved and economic and social development resuming.

China will remain cautious and strive to finally win the battle against the virus as early as possible, providing confidence for epidemic control in other countries, he added.


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