Parcel delivery by rocket is no longer just a concept—it’s being explored as a reality, signaling a potential new era of rapid delivery methods in the logistics industry. Here are some key points about this technological exploration:

  • On March 31st, Beijing Jianyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Jianyuan Technology”) plans to collaborate with the national e-commerce platform Taobao to explore a new model of delivering parcels using reusable rocket technology.

  • Jianyuan Technology claims that if the project progresses smoothly, it could enable global “hourly delivery” of Taobao parcels in the future. According to Jianyuan Technology, the “Jianyuan Taobao Hourly Delivery Lab” is currently working intensively on preparations for rocket cargo trials. This collaboration not only brings new development opportunities to the traditional logistics industry but also accelerates the growth of China’s commercial space industry.

  • In 2023, Jianyuan Technology completed static fire testing and sea water recovery tests of its full-scale validation rocket, “Yuanxingzhe-1,” achieving a significant breakthrough in domestic medium-to-large stainless steel liquid rocket sea recovery technology. The company plans to conduct its first sea splashdown recovery flight test soon, along with the initial rocket parcel delivery test, which will mark the technical feasibility of China’s rocket “land-based express” transportation.

Will rocket delivery have limited cargo capacity?

Currently, the “Yuanxingzhe-1” validation rocket, which has been put into production, features a rocket express cargo compartment at the top stage with a volume of 120 cubic meters and a carrying capacity of up to 10 tons. With a body diameter of 4.2 meters, it is capable of transporting a large number of “small and medium-sized” parcels, as well as larger items such as ordinary cars and small trucks.

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