Today is the first day of work in 2024, after a 14-day holiday. Returning to the office feels a bit unfamiliar. Yes, it’s unfamiliar. Haha. I wonder how you feel when returning to the office after a long holiday? Excited? Confused?

Do you also struggle to figure out what to do and need to refer to your work notes?

Looking at the full inbox, some emails can be deleted, but others require a response.

In the morning, we reviewed the production schedule with the workshop and prioritized the urgent shipments that needed to be sent out. We checked how many quantities are still unfinished, and how many still need packaging. Are there enough packaging boxes? The packaging box factory won’t start operating until next week, so this is a problem.

It seems like many things are waiting for you to handle and arrange.

There is still some inventory of lead paste before the Chinese New Year, and the customers have not confirmed their purchases. Some think there is too much quantity, while others think there is too little. This is currently an important issue.

But all of these can be resolved. Just smile at yourself, as these are not significant problems.

The samples sent before the Chinese New Year have also been received by the customers. Hopefully, we will receive positive feedback and explore new markets. Happy.

I also wish my clients a prosperous business in 2024. May you earn more money and have no troubles!!!!!

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