Hello everyone,

Please note the following details for our factory’s holiday schedule during the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival:

  1. The holiday will be from Feb,2-Feb,19 .2024.
  2. Normal operations will resume on Feb 25.2024
  3. Shipping will begin in March.

Thank you for your understanding.Wishing you a happy holiday and a prosperous year ahead.

Warmly Regards

YGG Sales Team.

Why do you start the holiday on February 2nd?

Feb 9th is China New Year’s Eve, China New Year falls on Feb,10,2024.But why your factory start holiday a week before?

Main Reason, this is a tradition in rural areas in the northen China.

February 2nd is the Little New Year in the lunar calendar, and it is when villagers start preparing for the Spring Festival. Our factory workers are all from nearby villages, especially in the Taping and Packaging departments where most of the workers are women from the nearby villages.

The Woman workers are not only our employees but also the mother the wife and homemakers in traditional customs. As the Spring Festival is the most important holiday of the year. They need time to prepare everything for the big Festival. Because their children or grandchildren who study or work a whole year in cities can have time to go home and their relatives will also come to visit.

Welcome to visit our factory when you have the time. Unlike the large and modern factories with bright workshops and robots, we have both automated machines and handmade wheel balancing weights. The female workers here are not just dolls on the production line, they are highly skilled and especially quick with their hands. They can also chat about daily life, stars, children’s schooling, and interesting topics such as which child is getting married or looking for a girlfriend. You will love the atmosphere here and be inspired by their optimistic attitude towards life.

What specific benefits do you think this kind of atmosphere and optimistic attitude towards life in the factory can have on workers’ work efficiency and product quality?

Yes, there are many potential benefits to having a positive atmosphere and optimistic attitude in the factory. Some specific advantages could include better teamwork and communication among workers, increased job satisfaction and motivation, lower levels of stress and burnout, higher quality products, and overall improved efficiency and productivity. It can also help to create a more enjoyable workplace for everyone.

In big cities, large factories may not have a longer break, but in towns and villages, the thing is different.

In the big cities, people may spend the holiday at home or go on a trip, but in rural areas, it is a tradition for families to get together and visit relatives and friends. It is a more personal and cozy way of life, without the hustle and bustle of city life. People may not know what to do and where to go with their time when they are not working.

What are the traditional practices for the New Year holiday?

I translate some traditional specials for the English-speaking audience:

The Chinese Spring Festival is full of diverse customs, including the common practices of hanging red couplets, setting off firecrackers, having a New Year’s Eve dinner, visiting relatives, and performing dragon and lion dances. There are also other customary practices, such as:

  • Cleaning: Before the Spring Festival, families will do a thorough cleaning of their homes to symbolize getting rid of the old and welcoming the new, and to sweep away any bad luck in hopes of a prosperous new year.
  • Worshipping the Kitchen God: On the 23rd or 24th day of the 12th lunar month, people prepare offerings for the Kitchen God to pray for a bountiful harvest and harmony in the family.
  • Staying Up Late on New Year’s Eve: On New Year’s Eve, families will stay up late to welcome the new year, ward off evil spirits, and welcome good luck.
  • Visiting Relatives: On the morning of the first day of the lunar new year, people will visit friends and family to exchange greetings and well wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year.
  • Dragon and Lion Dances: During the Spring Festival, people will perform dragon and lion dances to drive away evil spirits and welcome good luck.
  • Visiting Temple Fairs: During the Spring Festival, various temple fairs are held where people can enjoy performances, try different foods, and buy traditional New Year goods.
  • Admiring Lanterns: Lantern displays are also popular during the Spring Festival, where people can admire the various shapes and colors of lanterns.
  • Steaming Rice Cakes: People also make and steam rice cakes during the Spring Festival, symbolizing continuous growth and success.
  • Giving Red Envelopes: On New Year’s Eve, elders will give red envelopes filled with money to children, symbolizing good luck and blessings.
  • Worshipping Gods and Ancestors: During the Spring Festival, people will visit temples or ancestral halls to worship gods and ancestors, praying for their blessings and for peace and success in the family.

These are some common customs during the Chinese Spring Festival, but there may also be unique practices in different regions and ethnic groups. These customs all carry people’s hopes and prayers for a happy and prosperous new year. I hope this helps to make it easier for English speakers to understand.

Wrote by Alice Lv on Dec,26.2023


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