In March, YGG Steel Clip-on Wheel Balance Weights received an increasing number of inquiries from customers worldwide. After approving the price, we sent free samples for testing. The samples have already been shipped, and customers will receive them next week. We eagerly await the sample test results from old and potential new customers.

The samples come from two sources. One is leftover from production batch orders, and the other is taken from orders currently in production. This means that every order and sample received by customers is of the same quality.

There are two types of clip-on weights in GRAM: one for steel wheels and one for aluminum wheels.

There are four models of ounce clip weights: P, MC, AW, and FN.

To learn more about our products, please email us. We value customers’ opinions and strive to improve our products and services. Thank you.

video to show our oz type knocked wheel balance weights for our global customers .

Please feel free to email us for a free quote and sample.

Special discount in March!

Wrote on March 22,2023

YGG Wheel Weights

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