A: Is this the right YGG Wheel Weight official company website? Why I found some article is not related at all.

B: Yes, you are 100% Right. This is YGG Wheel Weight Company’s official website.

A: Are you Sure? You may have noticed that some of the articles may not seem to be related to its products, or even the automotive aftermarket industry. You know all the Wheel Weight producers’ web is all relative with wheel weights and at least relative with auto aftermarket.

B: Well, Umm…, Yes, The reason behind this is the owner of the company. She has a passion for writing, even though her writing skills and English are average(just so so). Despite graduating with an English major. She has been studying English for over 20 years and working in the English-related foreign trade export industry for over 17 years.

She also

  • Occasionally, she insists on listening to English,
  • Occasionally watching English cartoons,
  • Occasionally attending foreign exhibitions,
  • Occasionally visiting foreign clients,
  • Occasionally having casual conversations with long-term clients.

A: Well, If the English level is average, will it be difficult for European and American clients to understand, and then quickly leave the website after just taking a quick look?

B: Yes, we always worried about that before but Thanks to AI, our articles have been improved to make it easier for English readers to understand.

A:Besides using AI, what other methods have you taken to make your articles easy and understandable for foreign clients?

B: Yes there are :

First, we invite native English Speakers to help us point out our mistakes and improve our writing to make our content easily understood by our Foreign customers. In China, there is an old saying, “When three people walk together, at least one of them is my teacher.”

2nd, we try to use short sentences.

This Good idea came from one of my long-term German clients. Because unfamiliar clients usually do not talk about topics outside of work. During one of our conversations, the client praised me, saying that my emails were much easier to understand and did not cause misunderstandings, thus avoiding the need for repeated communication and confirmation. This is because I use short sentences and simple words in my emails. I still remember how happy I was at that time.

Sometimes I would tell my clients that my English is average. If there is anything you don’t understand, or if the word is inappropriate or even funny, please let me know. I will offer a discount. ( I know this because once a Russian customer has used a translation app to translate sth into Chinese but some words do look funny in the point of the native speakers.) But this client said my English is good, it makes me very happy and makes me happy for a long time. Although people often say not to care too much about others’ opinions on the internet, getting recognition and praise from old clients is still a very happy thing. So, occasionally, when you are in a good mood, go ahead and praise your supplier. You might get a special discount just because of your kind words.

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Wrote by Alice Lv on Nov. 28, 2023

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