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Yesterday, I suddenly realized that I have been exporting automotive wheel balance weights for 14 years. So I wanted to update my profile on LinkedIn. I wrote a brief description, wanting to use AI to improve it into something more easily understood by native English speakers. After all, English is not my mother tongue, and I don’t use it in my daily life outside of work. However, the versions revised by AI always seemed too exaggerated with words like “leading” and “top-quality,” which made me feel frustrated after several unsatisfactory attempts. Feeling quite annoyed, so I just used Google Translate and published it directly.

Does honesty seem silly for a woman founder?

The true and simple self-introduction might not attract many people to connect with me on LinkedIn, but it is Real! As a businesswoman, being too honest often makes one seem foolish, and pretending to be smart is too tiring to keep! Sometimes I even ask myself if honesty and integrity are not suitable for a woman founder.

woman founder
woman founder

3 real Business Stories:

But recently, I’ve often seen on Douyin how the owner of Pangdonglai Supermarket, Yu Donglai, has successfully operated his business. It seems that honest management, being generous to employees, and warm service to customers are what make a business stand firm and last longer! Although I haven’t visited Pangdonglai, we have a restaurant here called Xiaofangliu.

Their dishes aren’t particularly special, but their service is hard to put into words. Just seeing their enthusiastic waitstaff makes you too embarrassed to dine elsewhere. The servers are not only friendly and welcoming, but also so beautiful and sweet-smiling that they lift your mood. If you ask them for something, they will almost run to take it for you. When you enter, they proactively take your bag. If you’re looking at your phone, they provide a phone stand. If you wear glasses, they offer lens-cleaning wipes. In autumn and winter, when the weather is dry in northern China, as soon as you sit down, they serve you a plate of fruit and a delicious bowl of pear soup. For kids, there’s free popcorn, cola, and a pot of hot barley tea or lemon water—not just a cup, but a whole pot, about 1500 milliliters, kept warm; if it cools down, the server will proactively come to replace it. The taste of the dishes is very much to our northerners’ liking. It just makes you feel great, comfortable, and happy when you leave the restaurant, they say goodbye with warmth and remind you to watch the steps.


3rd example is my idol, Dong Yuhui, who was on the hot search again a few days ago. It turns out Dong Yuhui deleted all his Weibo content because he naturally resents the hot search trend during his live streams. He sells goods on Douyin, rarely promoting products. Unlike other hosts who praise their products as if they’re the best in the world with exaggerated words, expressions, or vulgar humor, Dong Yuhui’s approach is different. When you see him, it’s not about hyping up the product; it’s more about understanding what customers want.

What exactly is high quality?

What exactly is high quality? To this day, I’m not very clear on that. Like at trade shows, when I see products from big brands in the aftermarket industry, they seem to have good craftsmanship and color matching—that’s high quality. Then there are some with dull zinc plating, unclear marks( the mark means the numbers punched on the metal balance weights ), and rough surfaces that look inferior. This is a fixed mindset for salespeople, especially factory salespeople, because we are producers ourselves, focusing more on product quality, and can’t help but look at the material and coating like a quality inspector. A Chinese old saying says, “Every potter praises his pot,” which means everyone boasts about their goods. But it must be said that current sales concepts pay more attention to customer desires. Customers want certain products, and manufacturers must change accordingly.

Take the balancing weight as an example. I’ve been exporting this product for 14 years and have dealt with customers from many countries. In the past, I inevitably boasted about supplying well-known enterprises and felt quite proud. Now I realize that although 80% of my customers are from Europe, their needs vary. Moreover, when they stop purchasing from a particular factory, it may not necessarily be due to poor quality.

I understood this when a European customer asked if we could reduce the price of the spray-painted balance weights during a factory inspection. My response was naturally that our spraying quality is very good, thorough in every corner without any missed spots. Then I showed the customer the adhesive balance weight. The customer asked if we could skip the electroplating and go straight to spraying to lower the price. In their country, they replace the weights every six months, so it’s sufficient if they don’t rust within half a year.

That time, I truly understood a saying from a foreign trade LESSON: when customers mention high quality, you need to understand the precise quality standards they refer to. You shouldn’t adhere to your factory’s standards. You need to know what customers want and understand their demands.

woman founder
woman founder

Why do customers choose me?

Why do customers choose me? Sometimes it might be because my price is genuinely low, or sometimes it might just be because they find me agreeable. Or maybe my product is okay, but there’s something about me that remains with the customer’s EXPERIENCE. Well, Maybe, I think so .

The first big order I received after leaving a large factory and starting my own business didn’t come from any of my old customers, and of course, it was not only because my price was below the industry average. Then there was naivety; when a customer wanted to buy two 20-foot containers of adhesive weights, I advised him several times to try a small order first to confirm the quality. But the customer told me in confidence that he could afford it. At that time, my company had just been established, and honestly, I was quite worried. However, after shipping smoothly, I gradually gained confidence in myself and my production team.

Later, a European customer emailed me after receiving the steel adhesive weights that He didn’t expect such low-price balance weights to have such good self-adhesive tape! His words gave me the greatest affirmation and confidence.

In return, I offered the most favorable pricing for all orders from this customer. I am grateful that he chose me and my products and did not hesitate to affirm me.

Sometimes, the affirmation from customers is the courage for an entrepreneur to keep going.

Apart from some high-end technical products, the quality of many products isn’t that different. Finding a substitute is just so easy, especially for balance weights. It’s just a matter of changing the style, designing the packaging, modifying the mold, and making the marks style look more attractive. Some balance weights don’t have marks; they’re bare, but you can tell at a glance whether it’s 5 grams or 10 grams. Not having a “Mark” is good for performance because the printed area generally has thinner plating and is most prone to rusting.

parts ,intermediate
parts ,raw material

Let me add a bit of less important product knowledge.

Let me add a bit of less important product knowledge. Because we produce this product, factory salespersons always think customers should also know this—what’s so hard to understand? But when I went to inquire about valves and PATCH for some customers, I found that wasn’t the case.

To put it simply: these are questions customers repeatedly ask.

(The surface of spray-painted balance weights is first galvanized, then sprayed, which greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the balance weights.

For ordinary export quality adhesive balance weights like SST HOUR24, higher requirements mean thicker plating to achieve 48 hours, and there are very few customers who require even higher standards. But such cases are rare. If you export 100 containers a year, almost none of them are of this quality. Such quality goods were only asked about by an old German customer, but there was no deal.

Generally speaking, production for foreign brand manufacturers uses thick plating, while distributors generally prefer ordinary plating but insist on good tape quality. Powder Painting(coating) has higher corrosion resistance than thick plating. However, because Powder coating involves electroplating first, followed by powder painting, and usually requires manual application, it is more expensive and takes longer production time.

Through 14 years of export experience, foreign brand manufacturers prefer to purchase thick plating, high-viscosity tape, and coating products. Importers and distributors prefer ordinary plating with strong -adhesive tape. Of course, this is not absolute. Each customer has its standards.)

how to produce wheel weights
how to produce wheel weights

I don’t want to say I am an expert, but only know sth about wheel weights and keep learning.

Alice LV



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