How to be more Eco -friendly?

lead free adhesive wheel weights

How fast is the green movement making an impact on the automotive aftermarket? If the large number of environmentally friendly products at this year’s SEMA Show is any indication, very quickly indeed.

Only time will tell how well those products are embraced by retail tire dealers and their customers, however.

What’s new in the tire industry?

 Low rolling resistance is the green trend of choice.

Three manufacturers highlighted tires that save fuel because they roll more freely than previous generation tires.

  • Yokohama Tire Corp. displayed its new dB Super E-spec passenger tire and experimental Eco Race Tire at its booth.
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. introduced its GFE (for greater fuel economy) touring tire, which the company says features low rolling resistance without a corresponding loss in traction or tread life.
  • Hankook Tire America Corp. showcased a painted green tire to symbolize its efforts in going green (that tire, the enfren, is sold only in Asia at the moment).

Other green technologies(Lead-free Wheel Weights)


lead free wheel weights
2.5g*12 ,30g,adhesive weights

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