“Adorable Cats Playfully Explore the Snow-Covered Forbidden City – You Won’t Want to Miss This!”

Sure, the Forbidden City is a popular tourist destination in Beijing, China, known for its rich history and cultural significance. However, in 2023, the first snowfall happened to coincide with a day off at the palace, giving the resident cats a chance to play in the snow without any tourists around. These furry felines added a touch of cuteness and charm to the already picturesque scene, creating a heartwarming sight that captured the magic and happiness of winter. Don’t miss the chance to see these adorable cats enjoying the snow in the Forbidden City!

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In 2023, on a snowy Monday, the Forbidden City in Beijing was closed for the day. With no visitors in sight, the palace cats were free to play in the snow. The snowflakes fell gently on the palace, turning it into a winter wonderland. The cats happily explored the snow-covered grounds, leaving behind cute paw prints. They chased each other and tried to catch snowflakes, bringing joy and warmth to the palace. These precious moments captured the magic and happiness of winter, making one’s heart fill with joy.

Today is December 25th, Christmas Day, and our European and American clients are on vacation. This morning, I sent out holiday greetings via email. In the afternoon, while organizing my computer, I came across some photos of the popular Forbidden City cats, with high numbers of social media shares. I shared these pictures with our clients who are enjoying their holiday break.

I wish all my customers a beautiful and recharging holiday!

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Wrote by Alice Lv.



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