Today, the exchange rate of RMB to USD dropped from 7.23 to 7.22, finally breaking the continuous upward trend of the past month. It is still uncertain whether the subsequent trend will continue to fluctuate downward. As exporters, we need to quote cautiously and closely monitor the exchange rate trend in order to adjust export prices in a timely manner, avoiding risks caused by exchange rate fluctuations.

Similarly, as the exchange rate falls, the prices of imported goods for importers will also increase. This will lead to price increases for our wheel weights. July and August are the off-season for sales and also the time when our European customers go on vacation. Some customers will choose to arrange orders before their holidays, while others will place orders after the holidays in September or October.

Based on sales experience over the past 10 years, the order boom season usually begins in October. At this time, not only will prices increase, but 99% of customers will request that orders must be shipped before the Chinese New Year. Yes,Factory usually prioritizes large customers’ orders as they are arranged on an annual or quarterly basis. Medium-sized customers generally place orders based on demand. If all of a customer’s orders are electroplating weights, this usually will not cause delivery delays because all machines are fully automatic. However, if a customer purchases spray coating orders, delivery is generally delayed by at least half a month. This is because some spray coating orders require manual operations, and production stoppages due to environmental protection reasons are common in northern winter.

Small customers’ orders generally will not be delayed because the quantity is small. Salespeople responsible for customers can communicate with the production manager in the workshop at any time. Therefore, December, January, and even February every year are times when salespeople and workshop leaders compete with each other. This directly affects when customers’ goods will be shipped and how long their orders will be postponed.

It is best to place orders in July and August, firstly because prices are low and delivery is fast. There is no need to worry about missing the golden sales season and causing unnecessary inventory. At the end of the year, we tally how much goods each customer has shipped, which also affects the evaluation of what level of Christmas gift to give, because this is calculated based on the value of goods shipped before December.

At the beginning of November each year, we start to choose Christmas gifts for customers. We also hope that customers can receive gifts they like.

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