• YGG wheel weights are made based on the design drawings of big foreign brand companies.
  • We are an original equipment (OE) supplier and have passed strict quality inspections and factory audits from automobile manufacturers. We also produce for domestic electric vehicle companies.
  • Our adhesive tape is extremely sticky! All customers are highly satisfied with it. Our tape weights have been exported to over 10 countries without any complaints. The design drawings from internationally renowned companies require tape strength to be 80N or higher, while our tape strength not only meets 150N but can even exceed 200N.
  • Regardless of the order size, we take it seriously.
  • At our company, we genuinely value every order, no matter the size. We are dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards and will never resort to false pricing claims in order to offer cheaper rates.
  • When comparing products of equal quality, our prices are lower. (Mainly because we focus on production and are not good at marketing. There are not many marketing expenses added to the products.)

What’s more?

  • The boss and workers here are all nice and honest. Welcome to YGG.
  • The transportation is very convenient, and it only takes 50 minutes to reach our city by high-speed train from Beijing.
  • Our town is famous for producing aftermarket automotive products. Here, you can also find more direct manufacturers that supply not high-tech but cheaper tire repair tools and equipment, which can enhance your supply chain in one stop.
  • There are many hotels here that specialize in hosting foreign guests. They service customers from all over the world to visit factories throughout the year. You totally trust their services, cuisine, and prices. They have rich experience in hospitality and are only a 5-10 minute drive from the high-speed train station. (This is because our city also has many well-known industries, except the traditional steel pipes, pipe fittings, glass wares, chassis cabinets, metal stamping parts, printing, packing material as well as laser equipment, and the chemical industry. Large foreign-funded companies have also set up branches here.)
  • There is also a large wholesale market for clothing, shoes, hats, and fashion accessories. The jaw-dropping prices will amaze you. Many customers come here and take a look before leaving.

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